Accounting for Managers & Monopoly

Winter Quarter 2020 has the BASAM program participants taking three closely related classes; Project Management for the Non Project Manager ; Marketing for Managers; and, Accounting for Managers, which I have the pleasure of teaching.

Accounting often comes across as an intimidating and unapproachable area of business. Our goal in the accounting managers class is to demystify the subject by learning the language of accounting. We started off getting familiar with the the three key financial statements (income statement, balance sheet and cash flow’s) By playing Monopoly! Participants played 10 rounds of Monopoly and will use the results of their games to create income statements and balance sheets for their financial transactions. From the conversations I heard in the classroom as we were playing, I’m quite sure this group is going to master accounting, the language of managers, very quickly.

The looks on the faces speak volumes about the engagement in the learning that was going on!

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