We’re Enough

Once in a while, we experience a moment when a piece of music grips our very core. Over the summer, I came across Broken and it’s Beautiful by Kelly Clarkson that resulted in this core gripping moment for me. The line that sticks with me is the one that goes “I’m phenomenal and I’m enough”. As a society, it seems we are quick to find fault with each other, with our circumstances and with ourselves, leading us to a frenetic quest for perfection and the invariable disappointment when we don’t reach it every single time.

In the Skagit Valley College program, we devote time and energy exploring our auto-ethnographies- how the confluence of our life experiences and environments shape our outlooks on society, our approaches to our work, our careers, our families and how they impact how we see ourselves. This week, we started the conversation in the Foundation of Applied Management course that the folks in the third year of their bachelor degree are doing. The Year 4’s unraveled new dimensions to the conversation in the Social Capital course in which they are enrolled.

As I listened to the discussions in both classes, all that kept playing through my mind were Clarkson’s words. With my eyes and ears, I saw the tenacity, the resolve, the power, self-belief that every member of the program has, whether they’re aware of it yet or not. And I realized why I love the Clarkson song so much – it’s because it reminds me of the journeys that each of us in the program are on and the honor and empowerment I feel to be part of it. We listened to the song in the Year 4 class and I’ll share that talking about the song and what it and the people in the program represent was a tear filled moment for me.

The final share on this is that words of the song came alive to me again over the weekend when I was thinking of a recent reunion I had with a friend from decades ago. Our time together and the pride they showed in me and my work left me with the confidence that yes, I’m broken, it’s beautiful , it’s phenomenal, and I’m enough.

And so I say to all BASAM people – we’re enough.

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