This morning I made a wish

It’s the morning of the first day of the 2019-20 year for the Skagit Valley College Bachelor in Applied Science program. Today, eight faculty members, including SVC President Dr. Tom Keegan who is teaching in the program, will launch 52 program members on Year 3 and 4 of their bachelor degree.

That 52 people have entrusted their quest for a bachelor degree with our program is humbling and an honor beyond words. It’s also a journey into the unknown, much like my hero Neil Armstrong made 50 years ago, when he and the crew of Apollo 11 set off for the moon.

So, I went outside at dawn o’clock and as I often do when facing a big moment, I gave a giant wave to the man on the moon (at least I waved in the approximate direction of the moon – it’s Western Washington, there’s cloud cover). I asked him to help with fine winds, smooth seas and smooth sailing for program participants, faculty and their families.

We’ve got this BASAM people – let’s get going on the adventure. Just 264 trips around the moon until our group graduates!

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