Introducing the Skagit BASAM class of 2021

September 13, 2019 was a historic event at Skagit Valley College. It was the day we held the program onboarding for the second cohort of the college’s Bachelor in Applied Management program.

We spent the morning getting to know each other and the program. We learned we have a number of people for whom sky diving is a bucket list item as is travel. We discovered that many of us graduated from Skagit Valley College and that we represent a host of different professional interests from diesel and medical to culinary and banking. Most of all, we uncovered a sense of determination and a sense of camaraderie that will make each of us successful in our goal of obtaining a bachelor degrees.

Stay tuned folks: great things are coming from this class and I can’t wait to share their journey with you

Skagit Valley College Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Management – Class of 2021

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