Ready to start “N”th grade ?

This fantastic op-ed that appeared in a recent issue of the New York Times eloquently captures the opportunities for re-sets that a new year brings.

As we approach the start of a new academic year at the Skagit Valley College Bachelor in Applied Science program I’m full of fervent New Year resolutions for my “nth” grade in the learning journey that is life. I’m sharing the top three themes I’ve been mulling on over the summer, along with the ways I’ll be attempting to put my ideas

In all my interactions, I want to be as cool as a cucumber on a hot summer’s day – I’ll work on this by assuming good intent;

I want to live each day with the same enthusiasm and joy that my puppy Bandit shows – I’ll do this through the power of exercise endorphins (in other words, I’ll sustain the workout routine I’ve developed); and,

I want to give my best to my program participants. I’ll do this by prioritizing time to “reboot, recharge and refresh”- nothing can perform at its optimal level without downtime for maintenance.

Any of these thoughts resonate? I’d love to hear your ideas on the “nth” grade of your life

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