I am My Program Members

Final grades for the quarter and the first year of the BASAM program are due Monday morning 9 am. I have set aside the entire weekend, starting Friday morning to review all the work that must be reviewed by the bewitching hour.

So far I have :

  • Cleaned out my fridge
  • Done my laundry
  • Put away my laundry
  • Ironed a shirt and sewed a button
  • Walked my dog
  • Posted on Instagram and Facebook about how much work I have to do
  • Checked out how much progress other faculty members are making in grading
  • Written a macro to reduce the potential for inadvertent bias by randomizing the grading order
  • Compiled my to do list
  • Visited my parents
  • Talked to a friend
  • Balanced my checking account
  • Brainstormed curriculum for 2021
  • Made a grading playlist
  • Taken a pre-grading nap
  • Started this post

Sound familiar? Anything missing (other than the grading)? Funny no matter what role we play, we never lose our world class procrastination skills. I relate so well when I hear the BASAM program member stories of why work didn’t get done.

I also share my own techniques for putting my head down and getting what needs to be done done. For the record, I’m down from 76 ungraded pieces as of 9 pm Friday night to around 40. See you on the other side and while I’m grading, why don’t you let me know your favorite way to procrastinate? I’ve turned off my iPhone notifications so I won’t peek until grades are in!

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