Speaking Up in Meetings

In our Human Resources for Managers class today we practiced tough workplace conversations that we can expect to have as managers. We role played being the manager and the employee and then debriefed on the conversations.

During the class debrief, I witnessed a top five personal program highlight. People who so far have held back from expressing their thoughts, opinions and experiences during class discussions shared their voice. One by one, they made perceptive, insightful contributions that prompted us all to consider new dimensions and approaches. Our conversation was enriched thanks to their contributions and on behalf of the entire class, I thank them (they and the other program members know who they are).

I then started thinking about all the reasons we can hold back from speaking, which took me to this Harvard Business Review piece on the balance between speaking up and holding. Wonder if any of the the article strike a chord? Would love to hear your thoughts and the pivot that caused a shift in your willingness to share.

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