Working with No Motivation

As we approach the final stretch of the quarter and the year, the energy levels in the BAS-AM program are palpably low. It’s been a challenging ten months filled with arduous work. Yet, the “ho hums” are so often interspersed with moments of joy from news of job offers, completing a Math pre-req, and scholarship offers to name but a few, that the ho hums quickly go away.

Now, with the finish line so close in sight and prospects of a summer break, our stamina and our will to keep going to keep going becomes ever important. So it was timely to come across this article from Medium discussing how to keep going even when you don’t want too. Take a read at the tips and let me know what you think. Worth a shot?

2 thoughts on “Working with No Motivation

  1. I hear you Amanda. I feel the same way about grading! So, now I’m trying an hour a day instead of a day at a time. Wish me luck!


  2. I needed to read that, I’ve tried many times to not procrastinate so I don’t end up behind or having to choose which assignment should I do first in case I dont finish them all. My focus typically just isnt there until halfway through the day its due. I did discover though by going to the study sessions we students put together I’m able to focus a bit more since we are all working on it together typically. Thabks for the share, hopefully I can get a ritual figured out to help me out.


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