Bandit aka Hatchi

As many of you know, I have a dog named Bandit who is the jewel in my life. Today, we watched a movie about a dog named Hatchi. Hatchi and his master had an extraordinary bond. The bond was so extraordinary that when his owner unexpectedly died, no matter where Hatchi was living, he made his way back to the train station to wait for his owner who used to commute to work by train. Rain,snow, sun, wind, for over ten years, Hatchi waited faithfully. Eventually, Hatchi succumbed to old age. Even then, Hatchi made his way from his den to his usual spot at the train station so that he laid in rest forever waiting for his master.

The movie disturbed me on so many levels – although I’ve had Bandit for less than a year, I can’t imagine life without him. He’s my shadow, follows me wherever I go and always begs to come with me, no matter where. He’s become the BAS-AM program mascot, featured by program participants in their presentations.

After I finished watching the film, I held my puppy extra tight and my parents tighter so. Hatchi represents the power of unconditional devotion and loyalty. I’m blessed to have many people express this sentiment to me. But, I’m more blessed to feel this same devotion for so many, most notably my family, my BAS-AM program members, and of course, for my Bandit.

Bandit watching his hero Hatchi

Bandit featured in a BAS-AM group presentation

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