I only know that I know nothing …

Our class today was spent getting ready for the marketing plan presentations that program participants will be delivering next week. We have been studying Marketing and Project Management this quarter. In these courses, working in groups, participants were tasked with creating a marketing plan for the Skagit Valley College BAS program, which involved applying both their project management and their marketing acumen.

In our last meeting of the quarter, participants will present their plans to the entire class and some special guests. Each group will evaluate their own work and that of other groups. Participants will also provide feedback to each other on strengths and opportunity areas. I anticipate a rich and stimulating day, that will be filled with creativity, passion and some laughs too.

As we talked about the presentations, the conversation morphed into a discussion about the fear of not knowing, the feeling of believing we know more than everyone else and the related connections to Carol Dweck’s Mindset and lifelong learning. It seemed only fitting that our class concluded with a saying attributed to Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle “I only know that I know nothing.”

For me, this is certainly true of every area except one: from my work with them since September 2018, I know the SVC BAS-AM Class of 2018-20 has what it takes for great success in management and leadership. I am so honored to be with them on this journey.

#skagitbasam #learningthroughlife

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