Team Work : Lows and Highs

The Marketing and Project Management courses in the Skagit Valley College Bachelor in Management (BAS-AM) program this quarter are focused on applying and integrating key concepts in each area through a team project. Program participants have been tasked with working in teams and assuming the role of “The Super Duper Marketing Agency” (motto : lean, mean and keen) to create a pitch for the BAS-AM program.

We spent time in class on Friday talking about the assignment, what’s been enjoyable so far and what’s been a harder slog. Almost to a person, folks said working in teams was bumpy. Sadistic as this may sound, this was music to my ears because it showed me that the BAS-AM approach to grounding learning in workplace application was working. I can think of no instance (so far) where a workplace produces results without engaging and cooperating with others. And, I’m thrilled to bits that we are getting a chance to define, practice and refine our team work style in the program.

After all, to quote Steve Jobs, “great things in business [the workplace] are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people”.

#skagitbasam #learningthroughlife

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