Taking back the covers

As one of the faces of the SVC Bachelor in Management degree, several times a week I’m in front of various audiences talking about the program. Folks are often curious about my background and about what makes me tick. So, I’m taking back the covers by offering the following words:

Who is Sunaina?

An explorer, a questioner, a quick yet deep thinker;

A connector, a cultural chameleon, a problem solver;

A devoted daughter, sister and niece, an Aunty ‘Naina, a loyal friend;

An eternal beginner golfer, a knitter, a book worm, an amateur photographer, and a paint’ n sip artist;

A parrot head, a metal head and a giant fan of Ella, Louis and Nat;

A geographer by education who learned management on the job by seeing and doing;

A 25-year veteran of the corporate world, who left that lifestyle to follow a childhood dream;

A lousy student but a lifelong learner;

A person who gains from the experiences and perspectives of the people in her classes and who is blessed to be involved with this program.  

 For a more formal introduction, visit my faculty page 

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