What we are reading

One of the guiding principles of the SVC BAS-AM program is the unwavering commitment to make a bachelor degree as accessible as possible for our community.  We do this in a number of ways but perhaps the most visible of this is our pledge that textbook costs for each course remain are under $50.

In addition to low cost text books, program participants are exposed to management publications that tackle complex workplace issues in a digestible and entertaining way.

In the fall quarter in the Foundations of Applied Management course, we read Fuzzy Meets Techie; the author examines the critical intersection between liberal arts and the sciences in the workplace of today and tomorrow and makes a compelling case for an integrated perspective.

This Winter, our courses focus on Project Management and Marketing. Our work in the former is guided by Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager, the role that most managers play. In the Marketing course, we are reading Never Mind the Sizzle, Where’s the Sausage, an irreverent approach to explaining marketing jargon and concepts through a year in the life of a newbie Marketing manager.

Curious about the type of management program that features this type of reading? Take a look at our program page and register for an information session or write to us basam@skagit.edu. We’d love to hear from you.

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